Kai’Sa dominates 2021 LCK Spring Split meta with 153 picks

Kai'Sa was a high-priority pick across the entire LCK this spring.

Image via Riot Games

The 2021 LCK Spring Split came to a close this past weekend and much like many of the other leagues around the world, the meta remained solid and stagnant throughout the split. This was especially the case for the AD carry position. A full split that only saw 18 different League of Legends champions played at the position—the least among all five roles—resulted in one of the most consistent metas any position has seen in any league in recent memory. 

And the most prominent pick of the 2021 Spring Split was Kai’Sa. It only makes sense that the most popular champion on the Rift in the LCK this split was an ADC considering there were only so many viable picks to go around at the position. 

Across all five patches that the LCK was played on this spring, Kai’Sa was an immensely prominent pick. Thanks to the fact that she could easily slot into any team composition, Kai’Sa was often a priority pick for teams looking to draft a solid foundation to their comp.

By the time the split came to a close yesterday, Kai’Sa ended up accruing 153 picks across the split’s 10 weeks of play, according to League statistics site gol.gg. That’s 64 more picks than the second-most-picked champion of the split, Alistar, who finished the split with just 89.  

Keep in mind, though, that Kai’Sa did rank second this spring in overall pick/ban presence just behind Gnar. When bans are taken into account, Kai’Sa overall presence of 87 percent falls just behind Gnar’s mark of 90 percent, according to gol.gg

Don’t be surprised, either, when Kai’Sa plays a prominent role in the LCK Spring Split playoffs. Like many other regional playoffs, the LCK bracket is being played on Patch 11.6. Kai’Sa ranks first in picks across all regions where that patch is live. 

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