Kai’Sa, Alistar, and Rell were the most played champions across the LCK, LEC, and LCS during the 2021 Spring Split

The major regions were diving in to dominate this split.

Image via Riot Games

For many League of Legends fans, the 2021 Spring Split was one of the most exciting seasons of pro play to watch since many teams across the world were set on playing at a fast and furious pace. The champions that they picked also reflected this bloodthirsty playstyle since Alistar, Kai’Sa, and Rell were the most played champions across the LCK, LEC, and LCS this split.

The Daughter of the Void was played 323 times across all three regions with an 83-percent pick/ban presence and a 50-percent win rate, according to Games of Legends. Alistar, on the other hand, was picked much less than Kai’Sa, sitting at 212 games. But he also had a 68-percent pick/ban presence.

Lastly, one of League‘s newest champions, Rell, has become a staple pick for supports across Korea, Europe, and North America with 210 picks and 200 bans throughout the season. She also has the highest win rate among the three champs, having won 52 percent of her games.

Alistar and Rell both provide teams with heavy crowd control and engage, which combines well with other champions like Orianna and Hecarim to create some nasty ultimate combos. Kai’Sa can follow up on any engage with her ultimate, while also dealing a ton of damage with her items and passive.

The LPL, on the other hand, differentiated from the three other major regions with Udyr popping in as the third-most played champion in the region this split. He was picked 142 times, but only had a 66-percent pick/ban presence and a relatively low 46-percent win rate.

Gnar and Orianna also had more games played than Rell in the LPL with 139 and 132 picks, respectively. Granted, both the Spirit Walker and the Lady of Clockwork were huge picks in the three other major regions as well.

Many League fans will be curious to see how the meta shifts before the upcoming 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, which begins on Thursday, May 6 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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