K-Pop stars Changmo and Baekhyun to team up with T1 for new music video

The song will become T1's hymn for this season.

Screengrab via T1

League of Legends powerhouse T1 will soon have another K-pop collaboration under its belt.

The team will be featured in K-pop stars Baekhyun and Changmo’s upcoming music video, they announced last night by revealing a teaser. The video will also include Korean DJ Raiden.

The video unveiled the feel for the upcoming song, which seems to include jazzy and chill vibes, as well as its title, “Runner.” It also showed Changmo and T1 top laner Canna’s faces.

It’s still unclear if all T1 players will be featured in the music video. T1 revealed, however, that the music will be used as a hymn for the team and will be played when the squad steps onto the LCK stage—if that happens despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Baekhyun is the main vocalist of the boy band EXO, which is under the biggest K-Pop label SM Entertainment and boasts over 20 awards, millions of copies sold, and several world tours. He’s already participated in collaborations involving gaming, such as a special livestream with Korean PUBG team Gen.G in October. In 2019, he also met Faker in a VR event and said he was a fan of the esports athlete.

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Changmo is a Korean rapper who earned the Discovery of the Year award in the Hip Hop category during the Gaon Chart Music Awards in 2017.

The music video will be produced by DJ Raiden, who’s also under the SM Entertainment label. It’ll be released on T1’s YouTube channel on Jan. 26.

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