Josedeodo kicks down Dignitas, leads FlyQuest to victory in week 3 of 2022 LCS Spring Split

A couple of big kicks let FlyQuest score a major goal.

Photo by Tina Jo via ESPAT/Riot Games

A hearty gold lead in FlyQuest’s favor for most of this game wasn’t enough to let them cleanly tear down Dignitas’ defenses in week three of the 2022 LCS Spring Split. But exceptional scaling gave the entire FlyQuest squad the upper hand in game-defining teamfights, allowing the squad to pick up their first win of the weekend and return to a tie for first place in the LCS.

FlyQuest’s focus on feeding gold into Toucouille gave them a win condition that could only be achieved through the late game. To stop River’s Yuumi-boosted Udyr from running down Toucouille’s lead, Josedeodo kept a close watch on his mid laner, rapidly racking up kills as the game went on.

After FlyQuest obtained the dragon soul, Dignitas attempted to tear down the battered squad but enabled Kumo to teleport into their base and take an inhibitor. While Dignitas used that opportunity to attempt a Baron, the rest of FlyQuest hid outside the pit in the fog of war to take the Baron for themselves. 

As the initiators on FlyQuest, both Josedeodo and aphromoo opened up the entirety of Dignitas’ frontline to Baron-empowered minions and solo lane carries out for blood. Josedeodo took a journey with his Q into all five members of the opposition, kicking them to defeat while the rest of his team marched to their fourth victory this split.

FlyQuest were able to secure their current record at the top of the standings through tight holds on meta shifts. They began their winning streak taking full advantage of the Smite support top strategy on Kumo, but the top laner has started to adjust to more streamlined picks in recent games. By recognizing their win conditions early on, FlyQuest have become one of the most capable teams in the LCS.

FlyQuest start week three of the 2022 LCS Spring Split with a victory that ties them once more for first place alongside Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. The team returns tomorrow against 100 Thieves in a match where one of these behemoths will fall to second place.