JD Gaming open up sixth week of 2021 LPL Spring Split with a win against Suning

The Worlds 2020 finalists can't seem to find their form.

Photo via Riot Games

JD Gaming kicked off the sixth week of the 2021 LPL Spring Split today by sweeping Suning.

The entire JDG roster looked scary in this matchup, showing their proficiency on multiple champions. Yagao was the player of today’s League of Legends series, receiving two MVP votes after his impressive Azir performances. He helped JDG secure multiple teamfight wins and accrued a combined KDA of 15/1/11 throughout today’s match.

While Suning are scrambling to find wins, JDG look much more decisive with every passing game. If they keep this up, they should be able to make a push for the top of the standings in the coming weeks.

This League showdown between two of the most dominant LPL teams from 2020 began with proactive plays from Suning. Every time JDG tried to go for a play, Suning replied and punished them. But that didn’t last long.

Once JDG grouped up, they became unstoppable with their superior composition. They had a much better frontline and a great source of backline damage, while Suning went for a composition focused on snowballing.

Even though both teams were equal in gold, it felt like JDG were much more powerful with their well-defined win condition. They could either engage or fight from afar as they pleased and Suning couldn’t put a stop to that.

Both teams quickly turned their attention toward the Cloud Dragon Soul in the late game. Suning reached three drakes first but failed to secure the last one in the end. After JDG picked it up, they were able to run Suning down and secure the first win of the series.

In the second game, the situation repeated itself with JDG going for proactive plays in the early game while Suning tried to respond. This came back to bite Suning, though, who lost the first game by playing too passively and avoiding using their small lead to acquire objectives and force JDG to be defensive. Once the match reached the mid game, JDG grouped up and overwhelmed Suning once again, securing the clean sweep over the finalists of Worlds 2020.

Following this victory, JDG (5-3) are in fourth place in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. While they had a shaky start to the split, the team has bounced back in recent weeks, showing a much better form reminiscent of their 2020 dominance. They’ll be back on the Rift on Friday, Feb. 26 with a matchup against ThunderTalk Gaming.

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