Ivern receives huge attack range buff on League’s PBE

The Green Father is getting some much-needed help with his auto attack range.

Image via Riot Games

Ivern has been a niche pick in League of Legends for a long time, whether he’s in the jungle or in another lane. But that might not be the case for much longer.

Riot Games has given him a huge auto attack range increase on the League of Legends‘ PBE, going from a measly 125 to 475. This has been one of Ivern’s biggest setbacks as a champion, which has limited him solely to the jungle during his time in the game.

In fact, Ivern has been one of the lowest-played junglers in the game, sporting a 0.75 percent play rate among 49 champions used in the jungle. He even recently got a new skin that many people were confused by. Dunkmaster Ivern was a cosmetic that not many people asked for, but they got it anyway. This buff could boost his play time, though, especially in the bottom lane as a support.

Ivern’s kit can be used for support play, but the biggest downside was his auto attack range. He and his lane partner would constantly get poked out of lane by champions with a higher overall range than him. By giving the Green Father an auto attack boost, he can now trade back a bit better while also supporting his AD carry with shields and brushes.

These buffs probably won’t do too much to help Ivern in the long run, though. Meta support champions like Pyke and Morgana will absolutely dominate him, while other meta junglers provide way more to their team in terms of damage and crowd control. Even with a longer auto attack range, Ivern will still stay a niche pick for solo queue, whether he’s in the jungle or the bottom lane.