Invictus Gaming take down RNG in close-fought series during 2020 LPL Summer Split week 7

Ning and Baolan are looking great.

Photo via Riot Games

Invictus Gaming have emerged from week seven of the 2020 LPL Summer Split with a 9-3 record following a close-fought series against Royal Never Give Up today.

The former League of Legends world champions showed their strength in the 2-1 series—especially jungler Ning, who is renowned for being a coin-flip player.

Rookie received the MVP award for the first game after a stellar Syndra performance, while Ning got his much-deserved MVP title in the third game with Volibear.

The first game was an absolute stellar performance from Invictus Gaming., who managed to secure dragons even while being more than 10 kills behind.

After securing a Mountain Dragon, they put a stop to RNG’s rampage. With the Mountain Dragon Soul, IG were able to slowly win teamfight after teamfight, securing a clear path to victory against all odds.

The second game was the traditional IG style. TheShy lost control in the top lane while other lanes were trying to maintain their composure.

RNG were way too dominant for IG to handle. They laid siege to every lane and IG could not put a stop to the pressure. After being choked out slowly for more than 20 minutes, RNG pulled the trigger and forced a teamfight once their Aphelios was fed.

IG tried to out-play RNG in a close teamfight but were unsuccessful, leading to a tied series.

In the match point game, IG’s Ning showed everyone why he won the world championship. On Volibear, he pressured each lane and had constant presence everywhere on the map where his team needed him.

Even though IG had deficits in the top lane, it was not enough of a lead for RNG to be able to control the game. The combined pressure from Ning on Volibear alongside Puff on Ezreal was too much to handle in the end, allowing IG to secure the hard-fought series win.

IG will face Victory Five and Top Esports next week, both top three teams, for their next two matches. If they win both, they will make a good case to be in sitting at the first place of the LPL’s Summer Split standings. You can tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel next week to catch IG live and in action and see if they can put a stop to the dominance of TES and V5.