Invictus Gaming reaches 10,000 overall deaths in LPL history

IG top laner TheShy has suffered 1,100 deaths over the years.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Invictus Gaming surpassed 10,000 deaths as a team in LPL history during their series against Bilibili Gaming earlier today, which they won 2-0 in dominant fashion.

They’re the first League of Legends team to reach this number of deaths in the LPL, which isn’t surprising considering their signature playstyle that consists of making aggressive plays across the map.

The faces of this playstyle are IG’s former world champions and solo laners. Top laner TheShy, who joined the team in 2017, is mostly known for his aggressive picks, such as Aatrox and Fiora. He’s suffered over 1,100 deaths over the last three years and is also known for his risky engages that he sometimes makes even when he’s outnumbered.

Mid laner Rookie plays a similar style. He’s been playing in the IG jersey for five years and surpassed 2,500 kills in the LPL last January. This milestone was only previously reached by bot laner Uzi in 2019.

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The 2021 LPL Spring Split has been a roller coaster for Invictus Gaming so far, which is reminiscent of their previous seasons as well. After the Lunar New Year holiday break, they unexpectedly handed EDward Gaming their first loss of the season only to be swept by Suning two days later.

IG are in the middle of the LPL standings with a 6-5 record. If they maintain their eighth spot in the rankings, however, they’ll secure a spot in the spring playoffs.

Although they had a strong performance in today’s win over BLG, IG have a tough matchup ahead. They’ll face off against Top Esports next Sunday, March 7, at 5am CT.

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