Immortals partners with Area of Effect to enter LCS Amateur Circuit

Immortals is the newest LCS team to enter the amateur scene.

Image via Immortals

AOE Esports and Immortals will be combining their resources to create a more solidified amateur team to compete in the amateur League of Legends Circuit, called Immortals AOE.

The new Immortals AOE lineup is comprised of Alex “animegirl” Luo, Winston Herold, Chase “shochi” Capello, Brandon “Meech” Choi, and Trevor Roy. This amateur roster will be coached by the trio of Akash “ArgentumSky” Gupta, Jalen “Julius” Key, and Brandon “Brandini” Chen.

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between amateur and professional esports, to develop and execute the first true talent discovery and development pipeline at scale,” Immortals said. “In addition, we will develop and provide a top-down mentorship model for individuals entering esports for the time, across all career roles of the esports ecosystem.”

The new project is also part of a greater mission for Immortals to help place a focus on gathering amateur talent from the Great Lakes Region and have it be a continued tradition for years to come.

“We are making the commitment that Immortals will maintain an active roster consisting of at least 3 out of 5 players directly from the Great Lakes Region on our affiliated League of Legends amateur team year after year,” Immortals said. “This year we have assembled a roster that is not only following this criteria but one that is fiercely strong and competitive.”

Immortals joins a list of existing LCS teams that have since created teams in the amateur scene as an ongoing project to develop new young talent. Multiple participants from these projects have gone on to become starters for Academy teams and, in some cases, the LCS. Former Evil Geniuses Prodigies amateur player Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki, for example, was a standout for EG in the 2021 LCS Summer Split. 

With Immortals’ newest amateur partnership, more than half of the LCS has an existing amateur team. These LCS teams include 100 Thieves, Cloud9, Dignitas, TSM, EG, and now IMT. 

Immortals AOE’s first set of games will be on Jan. 10, while the Immortals LCS team will be competing in the LCS Lock-In tournament starting Jan. 15, which will be shortly followed by the 2022 LCS Spring Split beginning on Feb 5.