IG reclaim second seed in LPL after quick stomp of OMG

Rookie got his first pentakill on stage with the Faker Neeko cosplay.

IG beats PVB
Photo via Riot Games

Invictus Gaming began a new win streak today after their previous one was stopped by the top team in the LPL standings, eStar.

The former League of Legends world champions dominate most competitors, and even if they lose the early game, they find a way to come back quickly into the game and turn it around. They showed that again today in their decisive victory against OMG.

Today’s games were examples of what IG fans have come to expect. TheShy has misplayed the top lane a couple of times, which led to IG falling behind on that side of the map. While TheShy was getting bullied, IG’s mid laner Rookie started exerting a lot of pressure, allowing his jungler to freely roam the map and aggressively invade the enemy jungle.

Due to these coordinated plays, IG came back quickly into the game and started securing more towers to obtain a bigger gold advantage. OMG didn’t give up easily, though, and went for dragons while IG were pushing their base. The dragons didn’t help them a lot in teamfights, however, because they were behind by too much.

After a decisive teamfight near the top tower, Rookie managed to pick up a pentakill with his Neeko and IG ended the game.

In the second game, IG were on the red side and left the top lane pick until the end to counterpick OMG. TheShy took Aatrox to counter OMG’s Ornn, but a déjà vu moment happened. TheShy was feeding once again in the top lane, while his mid and bottom lane were securing objectives around the map.

Even though TheShy was trying his hardest to throw the game, OMG were being outplayed on all fronts and couldn’t contest IG at all. They weren’t able to replicate their success at securing dragons like the first game, either. They were only able to take one objective the entire game and it was an outer turret.

While IG are back to winning after a devastating loss to the emerging rookie squad of eStar, they should focus on fixing their issues in the top side of the map if they want to have another chance in the second round of the LPL Spring Split to take down eStar and reclaim first place in the standings.

IG sit in second place in the LPL Spring Split standings. They’ll be facing V5 and RNG later in the week. Both matches should be easy wins for IG. You can tune into the official LPL broadcast channel to see if IG can continue their LPL domination and reclaim the first seed from eStar.