IEM suffers major technical issues

IEM Katowice has been a disaster, for the most part.

Image via. ESL/IEM

This is an opinion piece and does not represent the viewpoint of GAMURS.

The constant technical issues that have plagued IEM Katowice thus far have caused major delays, and are starting to endanger not only this event, but future IEM tournaments in general.

It seems like there has been delays or equipment issues in almost every series so far at this event. Once is fine; there are always situations that are either fluky or out of the tournament organizer’s control. Multiple issues, however, are just worrying, and I know I am not the only one who think this.

I feel sorry for the casters who have to entertain viewers during these long delays or pauses and keep the audience, and those watching at home, interested throughout every minor fault. Game pauses and remakes all add up and make some series less entertaining to watch, while devaluing esports as a whole.

My main concern is that if these problems persist, then IEM League of Legends events may cease to exist.

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