How to get Worlds 2020 drops

Let the drops begin.

Image via Riot Games

Loot drops are making their grand debut at Worlds 2020, giving League of Legends fans a new way to earn rewards while watching the biggest esports event of the year. But how exactly do you get drops?

Starting with the group stage on Oct. 5, watching live matches while logged into will give you the chance to bag exclusive loot, codes, art, and more. 

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Simply log in with a valid Riot ID, opt-in to rewards and drops, and watch live games—not VODs or rebroadcasts. This method doesn’t work on Twitch or YouTube, or anywhere else for that matter, just

Loot drops are triggered by key moments in matches, like aces, Baron steals, or even if a North American team wins (for NA fans only). But they’re certainly not guaranteed. 

If you’re lucky enough to earn a drop, a notification will slide over from the right side of your screen, giving you a rundown of everything you need to know.

Here’s the full list of potential Worlds 2020 drops:

  • 10-year commemorative esports capsules
  • Custom branded Hextech chests from Riot’s Worlds 2020 partners
  • minion icons
  • Discount codes from from Riot’s Worlds 2020 partners
  • Exclusive music content from from Riot’s Worlds 2020 partners
  • ward skins and emotes
  • Worlds tokens
  • Blue essence
  • Each drop will come with an exclusive piece of collectible art that can be viewed on the rewards page anytime