14 October 2015 - 21:28

How to Get Out of Elo Hell

It seems like the golden question that all higher division players seem to have an answer to, but it always feels like their answers never really apply to us.
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It seems like the golden question that all higher division players seem to have an answer to, but it always feels like their answers never really apply to us.  Sure, we try and apply their answers to our own games but it never seems to work out!

Here's a list of answers you're probably tired of hearing:

1. Just play OP champs

2. Don't flame your teammates

3. Ban OP champs

4. Farm/CS effectively

These are all great answers to our questions but a lot of the time, it's difficult to apply these directly to our games.  Follow up questions might sound like: "What if someone on my team is feeding?" or "I never get the lane/champion I want to carry with!"

After spending most of the year in bronze this season, I managed to finally get out a couple months ago and haven't really looked back.  Hopefully, I'll be able to help YOU in a way that is, hopefully, easy and effective.

Make the Meta Simple

First off, you will not always get to play the role you want.  Before the Lucian/Leblanc nerfs, I heavily played those two champions and always jumping between Bronze 1 and Silver 5.  Unfortunately, once their nerfs came into effect I had to find some other role or champion that I could use to ensure my success on the rift.  That was around the time tanks became heavily favored in the game so I started focusing on playing tank heavy champions like Shen , Maokai, and Gragas.  That is the FIRST lesson: adapt to the meta.  That doesn't mean you need to learn how to play mechanically driven champions.  Shen and Maokai are, for the most part, very easy to play.  But it came with a cost: they are extremely boring to play.  There are a LOT of things that are more fun than point-and-click/tank champions but having fun isn't the topic of this lesson.  The point is to get out of elo hell.  Adapt to the meta, play the champions that are within your skill/mechanics boundaries; this is so that you don't need to spend a lot of time trying to learn new champions and can instead focus on helping your team and yourself to victory!

Grab 'em by the Neck!

You've probably heard this before: Don't play ADC in low elo because you can't trust low elo supports.  There's some truth to this.  You shouldn't play ADC too much in low elo but you SHOULD play support.  But there's a limit to what supports you should play.  It is rare to find mechanically gifted players in low elo and you need to take advantage of that.  How? Two champions: Thresh and Blitzcrank.  Thresh is one of those champions who is easy to learn but difficult to master.  No sweat, you aren't playing against Challenger players.  The same can be said for Blitzcrank, though he's definitely easier to master than Thresh.  Now, why did I mention that it's rare to find mechanically gifted players in low elo? The point is, Thresh and Blitz are champions that can take advantage of enemy players who in low elo for a reason.  Not only that, these are the ADCs in low elo that shouldn't be playing ADC but should instead be playing... you guessed it, support.  I'll repeat my previous statement: take advantage of the elo that you're in! Pulls and grabs will get you those squishy enemy champions where you want them without having to put yourself into too much danger (don't pull tanks!)

Do You Trust Me?

You're probably thinking, "Well ok, you made some decent points but what do I do about feeders/trolls/flamers???" My advice to you is simple: do what you can to help everyone else.  It is never a good idea to attack or jump on your teammate.  It'll just tilt them even more and make your game even more unpleasant than it already is.  Be the mediator for your team and show your calm.  Most of the time, your teammates will listen and at LEAST try and play the game but you can't win them all.  Sometimes, the trolls will keep doing what they're doing and, unfortunately, you can't do anything about it.  All you can do is play to the best of your ability and if it's not enough to overcome that particular teammates negative influence, then move on.  One game should not affect your mentality for ALL of your games.  Just trust yourself, get your teammates to trust in you, and do what you can.

I Know You Better Than You Know Yourself!

Finally, use the tools available to you.  OP.GG, lolnexus, champion.gg, etc. Use these tools to help you even before you enter a game.  Maybe you have the 2nd pick and the 5th pick player asks if he play Mid.  Simply look up his stats on OP.GG, check out how he does in the mid lane, and if he's not very effective then take the mid lane (assuming YOU are decent enough to play it).  Perhaps it's the other way around.  You have first pick and you want to play the Mid lane.  You're pretty good but you aren't great.  The last pick also would like to play mid.  What do you do? Look it up on OP.GG.  Maybe he's a GOD in the mid but TERRIBLE in every other lane.  The right thing to do would be to sacrifice your desire for mid and give your teammate the role in hopes of INCREASING your chances at winning.  That's the trade off.  Like I said before, this article isn't about having fun (but I hope you do!) but about raising your elo.  That trade off is also an example of being a teammate.  Teammates should help each other as much as possible to increase their chances of winning.  Now let's say you're in the loading screen.  Use this opportunity to see how players on the enemy team are doing.  Look up your game on Lolnexus.  Perhaps you notice the enemy top laner has lost his last 15 games.  Take advantage of that.  More than likely, and especially in low elo, that guy is on tilt.  If you get the opportunity (like winning lane) roam to the top once in a while and gank him.  Take advantage of the fact that he's probably on tilt and attempt to snowball the game from there.

Of course, there are tons and tons of things you can probably add on but if you can follow these tips, you will notice changes in how your game plays out.  

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