How to earn Samira’s emote in League of Legends

You'll be able to throw a rose to your enemies' graves.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ champion department has been hard at work since the start of 2020. The developer has introduced three new League of Legends champions to the game so far, There are still three more champions to be released and Riot has been teasing the next two via in-game events and artwork.

While Riot hasn’t confirmed anything in terms of when the next champions will hit the live servers, the addition of a Samira emote into the game could mean that the Noxian ADC might become available sooner than K/DA’s rumored addition, Seraphine.

Players noticed Samira’s emote on Aug. 25. It was first confused as a Worlds emote that was being given out to players. Reputable data miner Moobeat confirmed the emote belonged to Samira and claimed players need to complete specific in-game challenges to unlock it.

The Samira / Style: Rank S emote features the champion’s initial on what looks to be a rose. The emote’s color fits her Noxian roots perfectly and completes her “dressed to kill” motto.

How to unlock Samira’s emote, Rank S, in League?

While the tasks players need to complete were a mystery at first, the League community’s information network pulled through once again and narrowed down the options for players looking to claim the emote.

There are a couple of ways you can get this emote, but the first thing you’ll need to do is join a matchmade Summoner’s Rift game. Once you’re in, the following methods should get you your emote.

  • Killing an enemy while having less than 20 percent HP.
  • Claiming first blood or a shutdown.
  • Get a kill after landing every one of your spells.

Though these have been the three most popular ways to earn Samira’s emote, most of the player base has been using the third method to complete the hidden achievement. 

Does Samira’s emote unlock her as a champion?

Lillia and Sett both had in-game missions that rewarded players with tokens that could be used to unlock the champs when they hit the live servers. Riot hasn’t said anything about whether Samira’s emote will lead to her version of a token and the token itself doesn’t include specific text that could indicate such a thing. Both Sett’s and Lillia’s token had readings, confirming that players who claimed the tokens would be able to unlock the champs after they became available.

Considering Samira’s challenges seem relatively easier than the last two champions, it’s highly likely that most players will claim the token while casually playing, meaning you’ll be prepared if Riot decides to give away the champion to all players with the emote.

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