Today’s League hotfix will buff Akali’s E and ultimate, Yuumi’s Q and E

The hotfix should deploy soon.

Image via Riot Games

What do you get when you cross League of Legends’ latest patch with a ninja and a cat? One hot mess.

League lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted today that a hotfix for Akali and Yuumi are on the way after they “landed under [developers’] targets” in Patch 10.3. The patches target some of the champions’ abilities that just missed the mark.

Here are the upcoming changes.


  • E damage changed from 40 to 160 to 50 to 190.
  • R cooldown changed from 160 to 100 to 120 to 60.
  • R1 damage changed from 85 to 215 to 125 to 325.


  • Q base damage changed from 40 to 165 to 40 to 190.
  • E base heal changed from 70 to 190 to 70 to 210.

Since Akali was a constant pick-or-ban champion in ranked and competitive play, Riot had to take her down a peg. But the assassin may have been nerfed too hard in the previous patch.

The Yuumi 10.3 changes, on the other hand, were supposed to be a buff to the kitty’s damage. But the Magical Cat appears to still be underperforming. Those changes didn’t seem to have helped the cat’s situation since her win rate hovers around 48 percent, according to

Scruff will update fans when the micropatch goes live “soon.”

Update Feb. 6 4:45pm CT: This article was updated after Scruffy revealed more specific details about the buffs.