Hilarious League of Legends bug makes Caitlyn’s character model invisible, turning her into a floating gun

"Meet the long gun of the law."

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends is a team-based game where players attempt to use strategy and skill to conquer their opponents on the Rift. And when that fails, players can try going invisible.

One League player encountered an interesting Caitlyn bug that resulted in a floating gun, detailing their findings in a Reddit post last night. After an ally Tahm Kench swallowed the ADC, Caitlyn emerged without a body, according to the player.

Screengrab via Riot Games

“So I had a bug where after Tahm Kench ate me, my whole model turned invis and I just sorta became a… floating gun for the whole game,” the player said. “This wasn’t only for me by the way, I was invis for my team and also the enemy team. So sorta game breaking.”

The odd interaction sparked numerous jokes from the community, including fans suggesting that Caitlyn is now a confirmed Darkin who was consumed by her gun. Champions like Aatrox and Kayn are Darkin, corrupted Ascended that were imprisoned by their own weapons.

One player offered a potential cause for the bug, claiming that “something” locked the visibility of Caitlyn’s model when she was swallowed by Tahm but didn’t affect the weapon’s animation. The result was a sentient gun capable of terrible destruction.

This isn’t the first time an invisible champion was reported in Riot’s MOBA. Players previously complained of a Nunu bug that allowed the boy and his Yeti to appear out of thin air and execute a devastating gank.

There doesn’t appear to be many reports of this Caitlyn bug yet. But if it continues to affect League’s matchmaking, it’ll likely be hotfixed immediately.