Diana's hidden buff could be a dealbreaker in League

Is Diana viable, after all?

Image via Riot Games

In the latest League of Legends patch, Riot introduced an overhaul to Diana, changing around her abilities and reshaping her playstyle. Her mini-rework has gone down well with die-hard Diana players, but it doesn’t end just there. 

YouTuber and Diana fanatic Arcsecond discovered an extra buff that Riot left out of the patch notes. 

One of Diana’s biggest shortfalls before patch 9.24 was her lack of gap closers. She had strong burst damage potential, but if her opponent had a quick and easy escape, there wasn’t much she could do about it. She’d either have to retreat, wait for backup, or risk overextending.

If Diana dashed to an enemy champion or minion and it died from Cresent Strike (Q), Lunar Rush (E) would go on a hefty cooldown. With the introduction of yesterday’s patch, though, Lunar Rush now resets, allowing her to commit to fights and chase down her targets.

This hidden buff, on top of the changes to Diana’s kit, has massive repercussions for the champion. Before that, she was barely touched in solo queue, and rarely seen in competitive play. But her buffs, as minor as they may look, could easily push her up the ladder.

She now has more damage, increased mobility, and a scary teamfight-focused ultimate ability. What more could Diana mains ask for?