Here are all 64 references, memes, and Easter eggs in the 2020 LCS Summer Split promo trailer

Spoiler alert.

Photo via Riot Games

Riot sent fans on a scavenger hunt today with the 2020 LCS Summer Split trailer. But for those who don’t feel like sifting through all the memes, we’ve got you covered.

The promo trailer takes place at a diehard League of Legends fan’s home, following them as they go through their morning routine. To make things more interesting, Riot sprinkled in a ton of Easter eggs and references that cover eight years of iconic LCS moments.

LCS fans who want to figure all the Easter eggs out on their own, read no further—spoilers incoming.

Riot revealed all 64 references in the LCS Summer Split promotional trailer. Here they are.

  1. Rocket Fuel poster
  2. LCS pigeon
  3. K/DA Akali mask
  4. TL Paid by Steve
  5. Bjergsen’s beard
  6. DJ Shadow cassettes
  7. De La Soul cassettes
  8. Silver Scrapes cassette
  9. Captain Flowers’ Rap God mixtape
  10. Champ Select cassette
  11. TSM chant alarm clock
  12. Dyrus’ Mr. Pillow
  13. TL Blue plushie
  14. Poro plushie
  15. Rivington Bisland III’s motorcycle
  16. Zven can’t see Jensen
  17. Dr. Azael’s medicine
  18. Dash’s hair gel
  19. Dr. MarkZ’s medicine
  20. Body by Jensen cologne
  21. LeTigress’ tigress
  22. 100 Thieves’ sold merch
  23. Notorious P.O.B. poster
  24. Closet jersey swap GIF
  25. Doublelift’s trade from TL to TSM
  26. This or That arrow socks
  27. Ovilee’s (JoJo’s) Bizarre Adventure anime VHS
  28. Doublelift’s trophy case
  29. Meteos shoulder brush + shirt tug
  30. Sad Amumu mug
  31. Blaberfish the fish
  32. Honda MVP trophy plant
  33. The Dive podcast
  34. Orianna ball
  35. S3 Secrets GG book
  36. LCS Script book
  37. Jatt Stats Almanac book
  38. Moments & Memories book
  39. Donezo Manifesto book
  40. 10,000 Thoughts book
  41. Hextech LCS keychain
  42. LemonNation’s notebook
  43. Pastrytime
  44. Danish danish
  45. Dyrus’ 40-minute microwave
  46. Doran’s Blade knife
  47. Soaz’s baguette
  48. Jiizuke’s flamethrower
  49. Svenskeren’s (aka Spillskeren’s) sippy cup
  50. The Dive mug
  51. Swole Bros’ barbell
  52. FlyQuest’s TreeQuest
  53. Golden Guardians’ basketball hoop
  54. Wildturtle’s flash
  55. Baron Nashor
  56. Dignitas Baron throw
  57. Scarra finger guns meme
  58. Cloud9 logo cloud
  59. Cloud9’s 2020 Spring Split trophy
  60. LemonNation’s nodding GIF
  61. LCS shield logo
  62. Kobe casting from home
  63. Phreak casting from home
  64. “Let’s go!”

Fans eager to catch their favorite NA teams in action don’t have to wait long. The LCS kicks off this Friday, June 12.