God Staff Jax’s splash art is in, and it’s the coolest one of the year

Who wants a piece of my lamp?

Image via Riot Games

God Staff Jax was teased two weeks ago on Riot’s social media pages, before being loaded onto the PBE for players to test out.

Since then, we’ve been anxiously waiting for the splash art to be revealed. After all, God Fist Lee Sin’s splash art earlier this year is, hands down, one of the coolest the game has ever had. Jax’s god skin has some big shoes to fill thanks to the high expectations set by Lee.

Well, the artwork was finally pushed to the PBE today, and boy, does it deliver. Say hello to God Staff Jax, puny mortals.

God Fist Jax | Image via Riot Games

Sometimes, Jax hits you so quickly that it seems like he might have more than two arms, and with this skin, he actually has more than two arms. Oh, and he finally has a real weapon. It’s, you know, still a lamp, but it’s a dangerous lamp, and that’s what we call an upgrade.

God Staff Jax loses his hood and cloak for magnificent, flowing hair and huge muscles. It’s nice to see that ascending to godhood naturally makes one look really, really badass.

In case you missed the reveal of the skin itself, it will be coming with all of the same bells and whistles as God Fist Lee Sin, including a new character model, a new recall animation, a new death animation, custom VFX, and custom SFX.

Varus base skin | Image via Riot Games

God Staff Jax wasn’t the only shiny, new splash art revealed on the PBE this week, either. Varus is getting brand new artwork for his base skin, and although it doesn’t come with a visual update or upgrade, it’s still a pretty impressive work of art that goes along with his recent update to lore and his very own music video.

Both Varus and Jax’s new splash arts, along with the God Staff Jax skin itself, should go live with Patch 8.1 on Jan. 9, or slightly before then.