Gen.G take down Nongshim RedForce to remain sole undefeated team in 2021 LCK Summer Split

Nongshim RedForce came close to beating the veterans, though.

Photo via Riot Games

Gen.G picked up a 2-1 series win today over the other undefeated team in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, Nongshim RedForce.

This clash was close and both League of Legends teams showed off their best picks. But in the end, Gen.G’s veteran experience helped them secure the win and put a stop to NS’ dominant start to the Summer Split.

Gen.G’s MVP votes for today were picked up by jungler Clid and top laner Rascal. The jungler used Diana in the first game to win early-game skirmishes and help his team snowball. The top laner used Gnar to dominate his lane and teamfights with his engages. Rascal finished the match with the most damage on his team.

This series opened up with a dominant win by Gen.G, who had a better draft from the get-go. They went for early-game skirmishes all around the map and NS failed to win any of them. Gen.G converted these wins into a small gold lead that quickly snowballed out of control. Gen.G closed out the first game of the series in 30 minutes.

In the second game, both teams went for similar drafts—and NS came out ahead this time. They had a much better early game, and while they did give away the first couple of drakes, they were able to group up for the next ones and secure the Ocean Dragon Soul. While Gen.G had a scaling Kog’Maw in their composition, he didn’t provide enough damage to go through the Ocean Soul, which helped NS equalize the series.

In the third match, Rascal and Ruler dominated their lanes, giving Gen.G an easy win condition. Clid focused on picking up objectives and sometimes showed up to bring some vision to his winning lanes, increasing their chances of winning the match. While NS had some decent picks due to Gen.G overextending for some creep kills, it wasn’t enough to help them equalize the gold lead. Once Gen.G picked up the Infernal Dragon Soul, it was lights out for their opponents, who weren’t able to keep up with Gen.G’s damage in teamfights. Gen.G simply advanced to NS’ Nexus and finished the series 2-1.

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Gen.G (4-0) will be back on the Rift next week with two matches against Liiv SANDBOX and Afreeca Freecs. Both teams are hardly finding any wins right now, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for the undefeated veterans to take them down.

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