Gen.G reverse sweep Afreeca Freecs in week 6 of 2021 LCK Spring Split

Bdd and Ruler were the players who made this reverse sweep possible.

Photo via Riot Games

Gen.G reverse swept Afreeca Freecs today during the sixth week of the 2021 LCK Spring Split off the back of spectacular performances by Bdd and Ruler.

The League of Legends series was explosive and featured various players carrying each game. While AFS opened up the series with a high-note win, they failed to capitalize in the following games.

The MVP votes were picked up by Bdd and Ruler for their performances on Syndra and Aphelios. The mid laner used Syndra to dominate the second game’s laning phase before roaming to help his teammates. His crowd control and high damage were the main reason Gen.G were able to equalize the series. In the third game, Ruler used Aphelios to win mid to late-game teamfights and secure the reverse sweep.

The first game of the series opened up with a huge statement by AFS. Kiin used Jayce to demolish his opponents, doing more damage than the opponent’s team combined. Gen.G had no answer to a fed Jayce, who was roaming around the map and securing kill after kill.

With Jayce banned in the following draft, Kiin picked up Gnar to win the laning phase, but Gen.G were better prepared in the second game. They stayed even in kills until the late game, and Bdd’s crucial Syndra picks helped Gen.G get an edge in the last teamfights. Rascal redeemed himself towards the late game after losing his lane early on and giving AFS an advantage.

Both teams showed they adjust well after previous game losses, and AFS first-picked the Syndra away from Bdd in the third game. This worked out well with Bdd defaulting to Azir and not being able to snowball as much as in the second game. On the other hand, Ruler’s Aphelios was unchained as he kept securing teamfight wins for his team. With a Galio support to protect the fed Aphelios, Gen.G completed the reverse sweep.

Following this victory, Gen.G (9-3) maintain second place in the 2021 LCK Spring Split. They have been one of the most consistent LCK teams this split apart from DWG KIA. Next week their standing will be challenged by Hanwha Life Esports, who are trailing them. Tune in on Sunday, March 7 to see who will emerge victorious.

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