Gen.G beat KT Rolster in Burdol’s debut in week 8 of 2021 LCK Summer Split

The former T1 trainee top laner had a great series.

Photo via Riot Games

Gen.G took down KT Rolster in a quick 2-0 series today in top laner Burdol’s debut in the 2021 LCK Summer Split.

The move to bring Burdol into the starting lineup came as a bit of a surprise to Gen.G’s fans, but it wasn’t completely unexpected after their disappointing performance in the past couple of series. Gen.G went from being the leader in the LCK standings to second place quickly after losing two series in a row. It’s unclear what the plan is for Gen.G going forward regarding their starting top laner with only a handful of matches left in the regular season. Even if Burdol manages to perform well on an individual level, it’s unclear how he’ll do when Gen.G face a more difficult opponent.

Ruler and Burdol picked up the MVP votes in today’s series. The AD carry opened up the series with a monstrous performance on his signature Ezreal pick. Ruler dominated the opposing Varus and Braum from the get-go, which left his jungler free to help other lanes or pick up neutral objectives. He finished with an 11/1/6 scoreline on Ezreal. In the second match, the former T1 trainee top laner had a great game, secure a couple of early kills on Irelia and snowballing the match for his team. Burdol ended game two at 8/4/3.

The first match was the Ruler show with KT having no way of answering the strong ADC. Even though KT managed to jump on him when he was out of position, they couldn’t deliver the killing blow on the fed carry since Ruler went for the tanky Ezreal build with Divine Sunderer and Frozen Heart. As a result, Gen.G steamrolled through their opponents and picked up an easy win.

Ezreal was banned by KT in the first round of the second match draft phase due to the impact Ruler had in the first game. With a much better draft, KT went into the game expecting to at least equalize the series. Though they fell behind early on, KT bounced back toward the mid game after their superior teamfighting kicked in. But a heroic four-vs-five teamfight win initiated by Gen.G shattered the dreams of KT and Burdol’s squad went on to finish the match.

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Gen.G (10-4) maintain their spot in second place following this victory. They have the same series record as Nongshim RedForce (10-4) but have won one less game than them. So if Gen.G win their next series 2-0 while NS win 2-1, the two teams would be tied for first. But that might be difficult in practice considering that Gen’G’s next matchups are against strong teams like T1 and DWG KIA.

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