Garen outplays 3 enemies while standing still

Sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing.

Image via Riot Games

Players who follow League of Legends closely are likely to come across countless outplays every week. And while there are some truly astonishing plays out there, sometimes it’s refreshing to observe plays that happen by pure chance.

A Garen player on the League subreddit posted a clip doing exactly that. They defeated three enemies in the top lane by doing nothing but standing still.

The clip begins with Garen trading punches with the enemy top laner, Urgot. And while the trade was heavily in his favor, he had to fall back due to an opposing Irelia coming to help her teammate. Her Flawless Duet (E), however, missed the Might of Demacia, who safely made it back under his tier-one turret.

Nevertheless, the cavalry kept coming, with Warwick arriving shortly after. At that point, Garen was behind his tower, standing still, probably due to a disconnect. He was surely an easy target for three champions, but that wasn’t the case. The enemy team dove Garen too quickly, leading to Irelia dying before dealing any significant damage.

Urgot and Warwick shared her fate a few seconds later. The latter succeeded in taking down Garen in the end, but a three-for-one trade like this is rarely beneficial.

Still, The Garen play somehow managed to lose the game in the end, according to

If there’s a lesson to be learned there, it’s to not dive enemies hot-headed since you might end up like these three poor players in the clip posted above.

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