Galio R buff to give shields to allies being tested for League Patch 10.7

The change could increase his pick rate without creating a problem in pro play.

Image via Riot Games

It appears Galio may finally make an entrance that teammates approve of.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter revealed some big Galio changes today potentially coming in Patch 10.7. The Colossus’ Hero Entrance (R) will now give teammates in the arrival area a magic shield for four seconds.

“R-Allies in the arrival area gain Galios W Magic Shield for 4s,” Scruff said. “Our previous changes to the flash+W combo were so effective that we can bring back some life saving on the ult without him becoming a pro problem.”

Teammates within the ultimate’s arrival area will receive the same Anti-magic Bulwark shield Galio gets from his Shield of Durand (W). These changes will ideally increase Galio’s play rate and his teamfight ability without making him a menace in the competitive scene.

The Colossus’ pick rate plummeted to under 0.8 percent after the Patch 9.14 nerfs clipped his enormous steel wings. To diminish his strength in pro play, Riot devs nerfed almost every ability he had in July 2019. The worst of the nerfs removed Galio’s ability to flash while charging his taunt on W. This made his crowd control easy to predict and hard to pull off.

Galio’s pick rate is still severely low several patches later, sitting at 0.84 percent in Platinum ranks and above, according to

Riot hopes that the upcoming changes will “bring back some life saving on the ult” without him negatively impacting the state of pro play.