G2 take down SK, help MAD Lions secure playoff spot in 2021 LEC Summer Split

Only two playoff spots remain with Fnatic, Rogue, Misfits, and MAD Lions locked in.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

G2 Esports beat SK Gaming in an intense 35-minute match today in the 2021 LEC Summer Split. This win helped G2 improve to 7-6 on the split and allowed MAD Lions to lock in a playoff spot in the process.

Going into this League of Legends game, G2 were heavily favored considering their recent performance. But SK still put up a good fight. They matched G2’s aggression early on and kept up in gold for some time before Caps and crew started growing a huge lead due to their better mid game.

Jankos was named the player of the game with 79.8 percent of the vote after his first competitive Viego pick. He went for a lot of aggressive plays early on before becoming a huge threat who kept swinging teamfights in G2’s favor. Jankos ended the game with a 5/3/9 scoreline.

SK secured the first couple of kills in the match in the bottom lane after a successful gank. But the small gold lead they accrued from these kills didn’t last long since G2 quickly bounced back with successful plays around the middle lane. The pace slowed down afterward as both teams worked toward their core items. An explosive fight for the fourth dragon was won by G2, with Caps and Rekkles picking up most of the gold. And once their core carries were fed, G2 won the next two teamfights before finishing the match.

While G2 haven’t qualified for the playoffs just yet, they have the highest chance of locking in one of the two remaining spots with their current three-game lead over the other contenders. They’ll be back on the Rift tomorrow with a match against Misfits at 2pm CT.

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