G2 kick off LEC Summer Split with dominant win over MAD Lions

The kings of Europe are back.

Photo via Riot Games

The 2020 LEC Summer Split has officially begun. G2 Esports started the season with a bang by beating MAD Lions in just under 30 minutes today.

All eyes were on G2 for the first Summer Split match after yet another role swap that returns Caps to the mid lane and Perkz to his 2019 ADC role. Caps’ Zoe picked up first blood on Orome to get the ball rolling for G2. And with Perkz on Varus, the first LEC Summer Split game was a clean victory for the reigning kings of Europe.

With a 2,000 gold advantage after 13 minutes and Jankos’ Mountain Drake steal, G2 seized control of the match through a messy, decisive teamfight that brought down almost the entire MAD Lions roster, leaving Orome’s Wukong as the sole survivor.

From that point on, G2 continued to build an insurmountable lead. They ended the game in just over 27 minutes with 22 kills compared to MAD Lions’ five.

After a fantastic first LEC split, MAD Lions will have another chance to prove themselves tomorrow against Excel and on Sunday, June 14 against SK Gaming.

The LEC kicked off today with a “Super Week,” meaning all European teams will have to play Friday through Sunday, playing three games instead of two. This first game was a definitive show of strength from the reigning LEC champions, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if they can keep up the pace during the first LEC Super Week.

G2 will face off against Origen tomorrow at 2pm CT in the LEC’s match of the week. They’ll then take on Vitality on June 14 at 1pm CT.