13 July 2018 - 21:28

Misfits take the mantle of best team in Europe through G2 Jankos' slip-ups

Misfits played this one expertly.
Photo via Riot Games

The fourth week of the EU LCS kicked off today, and the featured match between Misfits and G2 Esports was one of the most exciting games of the split so far. Both teams entered the day as the only two undefeated in the region at 6-0.

That means that ultimately both rosters were fighting for the title of the best team in Europe halfway through the split, and after today's game, it's clear that Misfits are the better squad. They played from behind in a cold and calculated way, they set up fights masterfully, and they punished G2's mistakes to take the victory.

Although G2 were in the lead for a majority of the game, Misfits knew how to trade objectives to stay relevant. The only issue is that G2 were able to scrape up a bit more gold here and there until, eventually, they had enough of a damage advantage to push down Misfits' first inhibitor. Thanks to Misfits' not letting the game spiral out of control, they were able to punish a single misstep from G2 jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski enough to mount their comeback.

After they secured the Baron, it was time to do the tower dance—bouncing back and forth between G2's inner towers until they were able to start whittling away at the inhib towers. In a desperate attempt to disrupt Misfits' rhythm, Jankos tried to stage a flank around them through his own jungle. He was caught out, again, and ultimately cost G2 the last key fight of the game.

G2's decision-making toward the end of the game was uncharacteristically unsure, which is totally different from the G2 we saw at Rift Rivals. Of course, it could be argued that Misfits are far better than NA's best teams at the moment (no, seriously), and therefore their patience was tested here on another level.

Misfits' next game will probably be much less cold and collected. Tomorrow, they play against Vitality at 2pm CT, one of the most early game-aggressive teams in the league, and it's bound to be bloody.

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