G2 Esports bounce back in LEC Summer Split after win against Rogue

Claps is back in action.

Photo via Riot Games

G2 Esports showed Rogue today how to play a good game of League of Legends. They came back from a massive deficit and turned it around to set up their path to former glory heading into week seven of the LEC Summer Split.

Caps was activated with the Syndra pick, receiving the MVP award for his spectacular carry performance and ending the game with a 5/3/4 score.

The game began with an unusual lane swap by Rogue. They sent their top laner on Sion to face the G2 bot lane. G2 capitalized on this by making constant early-game dives to set the opposing top laner far behind. While this set Sion behind, the champion itself does not require a lot of gold to be effective, so the move paid off little in the long-run.

Rogue secured multiple picks as the game went by, catching unaware G2 members one by one in the top lane, jungle, and mid lane. After securing a 5,000-gold lead around the 20-minute mark with a eight-kill advantage, Rogue were on a clear path to victory, but a heroic Baron steal by Caps kept G2 in the game.

With the Baron buff, G2 slowly came back into the game and closed out the gold lead from Rogue.

Rogue were close to securing the Mountain Dragon Soul, but a perfect teamfight played out by G2 sealed the their fate. Jankos moved around the teamfight to assassinate the carries while Caps ensured the entire Rogue team was either slowed or stunned.

Following the teamfight win, G2 stopped Rogue from taking the Mountain Dragon Soul and took it upon themselves to secure the second Baron. With the buff, G2 singled out Finn who wanted to catch Perkz off-guard. They turned it to a five-vs-four and pushed to end the game.

This win puts G2 tied for fifth in the LEC Summer Split standings with Excel Esports and Origen. While the path to their redemption is long, a win against a top-two team is a good start.

G2 will have to step it up for next week as well, where they’ll face a powerful Team Vitality alongside a Fnatic looking for revenge after their poor start. You can tune in on the official LEC broadcast to catch all the action.