G2 end first week of 2021 LEC Spring Split 3-0 after taking down Excel Esports

The team is set off with a great start with all five members proving that they can carry.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

G2 Esports have finished the first 2021 LEC Spring Split weekend with three wins following their victory against Excel Esports today.

All of G2 played exceptionally well, but Caps’ performance on Akali was on another level. He was crucial in enabling the League of Legends team’s macro plays, escaping with low health multiple times and baiting Excel into choke points before turning on them and picking up them off one by one.

The game began with strong power picks from both teams. Excel picked up Kai’Sa and Camille, while G2 settled for Graves, Akali, and Jhin. With Rekkles and Mikyx winning the bottom lane, Jankos focused on helping them extend their lead. Soon after, Caps came to collect a couple of assists as well, and Excel sent their bottom lane top to avoid getting picked off by G2.

While G2 focused on kills, Excel snagged the first three drakes. With the Mountain Dragon Soul in play, G2 changed their priority and began forcing fights for drakes to avoid giving away the buff. Excel continued looking for picks to eventually lead to the buff, but were unsuccessful and caught by G2 in the process.

Into the later stages of the game, Excel tried to go for a split-push tactic. But once G2 saw the Camille in the top lane, they pressed the gas pedal and pushed through bottom lane, wiping Excel off the Rift and finishing the game.

Following this win, G2 Esports finished their first weekend without any losses. They are currently tied for first with Rogue, who have been performing well alongside G2. Although it’s only been one week, both teams are making cases for being the best in the league.

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