Fusion Gleebglarbu Interview Transcript (Part 2: Fusion Gaming)

? Question: Moving on from the past let's talk about your future with Fusion Gaming! Could you give us some insight on the decision making behind putting the roster together?


Question: Moving on from the past let’s talk about your future with Fusion Gaming! Could you give us some insight on the decision making behind putting the roster  together? What exactly was the thought process behind bringing in Fusion Gaming?

Gleebglarbu: Well I wasn’t the one who brought the roster together so I can’t say anything on that. But I was asked to play and I thought the roster sounded really good and everything seemed good so I decided to join.

Question: Was there a trial period?

Gleebglarbu: Not exactly. There wasn’t a try-out or scrims or anything like that. We have Korean players who are in Korea so there isn’t really a way to try everyone out. We had to decide on a roster and then begin playing. I don’t know how we’d be able to since they are in Korea the ping would be around 150 if they tried to play on the North American servers.

Question: Well you said you haven’t played with MakNoon yet but what are your thoughts on playing with such a legendary player? Have you had any contact with what’s going on with him?

Gleebglarbu: I’m very excited to play with him because I watch a lot of pro league games particularly in NA and Korea. I remember those games in Season 2 particularly when he was playing Rengar when he was farming inside the base of the enemy team if you remember that specific game. I think that I’m going to be very excited to play with him and he’s just a player with a ton of experience, such as playing on NaJin and CJ, which is something not most players exactly have. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Question: Another question I had was about Nientonsoh who is now moving back to the AD Carry position. So North America has had a lot of rising stars in the AD Carry positions such as Altec or Keith or Impactful for example. What prompted you guys to move Nientonsoh back to AD Carry instead of picking up a solo queue star?

Gleebglarbu: Well, KEITHMCBRIEF is currently the support for Lolpro so I don’t know how that would work out. He still plays a lot of AD in solo queue but he’s a support player now and he’s been playing there for a long time now. I’m not the one who’s been making the roster decisions. I was asked for input and what I think about people. Impactful I don’t know. I think that he’s a good AD Carry. I’ve played against him in solo queue and in amateur tournaments such as when me and Altec played against him and Evaniskus in the C9T vs. coL.Red series. In that series we actaully lost 0-2 but the laning if I recall went very much in Altec and I’s favor. I think we had a 50 cs lead at ten minutes or something like that. Anyways I’m not sure. Keith is playing support with Lolpro but I’m not sure what Impactful is up to.

Question: Sorry, what I meant to ask is how is Nien shaping up against these AD Carries & what was the rationale behind the switch back rather than focusing on particular players.

Gleebglarbu: Nien’s got a ton of experience playing AD Carry and when he was on Team MRN he definitely was one of the top AD Carries in the region. He’s shown over and over again how good he is and he’s hit the top of the solo queue ladder which is something that not every single player has done. It’s pretty impressive. I’m not sure the reasoning [behind his move back to ADC] but I feel like it was an odd decision to move him from AD Carry to top lane. You think maybe he can be the AD Carry for a big LCS team but not the top laner in my opinion. Why would you take one of the best ADs in the entire region and have him switch when he could just be playng AD?

Question: Can you talk a bit about your new mid laner Huhi? Not a lot of fans know about him! Are there any communication problems with him speaking in Korean?

Gleebglarbu: He speaks English well enough to communicate. Sometimes if we use odd slang words we have to explain what that is. In terms of talking and playing in game he’s perfectly fine. Usually in game your not speaking full-on fluent sentences it’s just like “go here” or “do dragon” or things like that. And it’s already been shown that players can speak different languages and still be successful with inSec and Zero joining Royal. They did very well this year at Worlds so it’s quite clear that there’s a lot of Korean talent that can perform on teams for other regions and do very well. Another example would be Lustboy on TSM!

For his favorite champ I think maybe his most played on solo queue is his Yasuo. He just plays whatever is strong. Actaully whenever we play he plays a different champion almost so he’s clearly very versatile. He’s also very easy to get along with and easy to work with so that’s good.

Question: So, last question. How do you think Fusion Gaming is doing heading into the expansion tournament?

Gleebglarbu: That’s really hard to say. MakNoon hasn’t really arrived yet so we don’t have the full roster to start practicing. We climbed the Ranked 5s ladder pretty quickly and easily but that’s always been the case from my experience playing in amateur tournaments. The Ranked 5s ladder was always something where any team worth playing versus would always be near the top of the ladder. Sometimes it’s weird where the Number 1 seed on the ladder isn’t always desireable so that can be weird. Currently we’re Ranked 4 on the ladder. So right now we’re just practicing on our own until everyone gets here. Things have been going really well. A lot of us have been us setting up the house. Getting groceries, making sure we have everything we need, setting up the monitors that kind of thing.

Question: So that pretty much completes the interview. Are there any shoutouts you want to give or things you want to say to your fans?

Gleebglarbu: Yeah I just wanted to say thanks everyone for supporting me the whole time. I was not happy that I wasn’t able to perform as well as I’d have liked to on TSM. I obviously understand why I was replaced and I’m not trying to say that I shouldn’t have been but that it’s nice to have support from the community and it means a lot to me personally.