FPX stomp OMG in Crisp’s return, climb to second place in 2021 LPL Summer Split

The 2019 world champions are looking as dominant as ever.

Photo via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix picked up a dominant 2-0 series win over Oh My God today in Crisp’s return to the starting roster in the seventh week of the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

The MVP votes for today’s series went to the carries of FPX, Doinb and Lwx. FPX’s mid laner dominated the first match with a ludicrous Sylas performance. Doinb picked up back-to-back triple kills in the mid game and rolled over his opponents, finishing the match deathless with a KDA of 9/0/6. Lwx secured his MVP vote after picking Vayne in the second game, moving swiftly in teamfights and delivering huge amounts of damage before ending with a KDA of 10/0/9.

In both matches of today’s League of Legends series, there was a clear difference between the skill and mechanics of the FPX and OMG players. While OMG played reactively and tried to adapt to the situations in front of them, FPX went for a lot of early-game plays to create a lead and snowball the match. With no room left for errors, FPX picked up two quick 20-minute wins to round out today’s match and move into their next series with a lot of confidence.

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FPX (9-3) will be back on the Rift on Friday, July 23 with a match against Suning (7-5) at 6am CT. The 2020 Worlds finalists have been looking strong but they shouldn’t be too difficult of a challenge for the 2019 world champions if FPX continue to play as they have been.

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