Fnatic dominate Vitality in 2021 LEC Summer Split week 2 matchup, spoil Selfmade’s chance at revenge

Fnatic move into a tie for fifth in the LEC with today's win.

Photo via Riot Games

It didn’t take long for Selfmade to get a chance at retribution against his former team, Fnatic. But when given the chance to exact his revenge against his old teammates in just his fourth game with Vitality, the former Fnatic starter fell completely short of the mark. In just 30 minutes, Selfmade and Vitality were thoroughly beaten by an evidently dominant Fnatic team in today’s 2021 LEC Summer Split showdown.

On the other side of Selfmade’s matchup in the jungle, his former teammate Bwipo was able to outplay him from start to finish. The veteran top laner turned jungler posted an impressive 2/2/19 scoreline on Viego, finishing with a kill participation mark of 81 percent on the day. 

At the 11-minute mark, Vitality went completely kaput with Selfmade, SLT, and Labrov accidentally bumping into the full strength of Fnatic’s composition, practically gifting Upset several free kills. Just two minutes later, Fnatic were in Vitality’s base, hitting the inhibitor turret and grabbing more free kills on Lider and Selfmade without consequence.

From there, the game was a slow march toward the finish line while Fnatic continued to mount an advantage throughout the mid game. On top of Bwipo’s exceptional performance, Fnatic AD carry Upset managed to post some eye-popping numbers, finishing with a scoreline of 14/1/8 in Fnatic’s 26-10 victory. 

With today’s win, Fnatic’s record moves to 2-2 in the Summer Split, bringing the team into a tie for fifth place in the LEC alongside Excel, Schalke 04, and MAD Lions. After today’s match, Vitality remain just one of two teams in the league to not secure multiple wins on the split, the other being SK Gaming.

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