Fnatic beat SK, end 4-game losing streak in LEC

It wasn't the cleanest win, though.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

Fnatic picked up a hard-fought win against SK Gaming today in a 36-minute brawl, improving to 4-4 in the 2020 LEC Summer Split.

Legendary ADC Rekkles carried Fnatic with his pocket pick, Syndra. He dominated Crownshot’s Ezreal during the laning phase and was the carry his team needed in the mid to late game.

The game was far from clean, however. SK secured early leads and dragons due to their map pressure. SK’s dragon count forced Fnatic to be proactive on the map and led to them making some mistakes. Fnatic secured two Barons, but SK put all of their eggs in the Dragon Soul basket.

Even though SK picked up the Mountain Dragon Soul, it wasn’t enough to stop Fnatic from ending their losing streak.

SK seemed to be in control early on, but a bad move by Ezreal to walk too close to Twisted Fate and Syndra cost them that chance and turned the game in Fnatic’s favor.

While Crownshot has carried SK in the team’s previous games this split, he was a liability today and looked off. He’ll have to try to rebound for tomorrow’s game since SK will need him to take down Rogue.

Fnatic haven’t looked as strong early in this split, lacking decisive teamfight calls and objective control. While the road to their previous winning ways could be long, Fnatic are a team that can make it back.

Fnatic will face the winless Schalke tomorrow at 12pm CT.