Josedeodo and FlyQuest take over Summoner’s Rift, stomp TSM to continue quest for top-3 in 2022 LCS Spring Split

TSM's roster might have changed, but the results have stayed the same.

Photo by Tina Jo via ESPAT/Riot Games

The 2022 LCS Spring Split hasn’t been kind to TSM fans, but for FlyQuest, their success has continued to blossom over the course of the past few weeks. North America’s resident green team found yet another victory today thanks to some great play from their jungler, Josedeodo.

Before this League of Legends match, TSM made another roster swap to try to shake up their fortunes by moving Shenyi back into the starting lineup and relegating their new starting mid laner Keaiduo to the Academy team. The team’s assistant general manager Yang “Glen” Po-Jen said the reason for his benching was to give him “more time to train in a less stressful environment.”

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Meanwhile, FlyQuest have been one of the LCS’ surprise stories this season. These fan favorites have been battling at the apex of the standings, with wins against 100 Thieves and Dignitas to help solidify their case as a top-three team in the region.

The early game today was actually going well for TSM, with the former LCS champions holding a slight gold lead as they reached the 15-minute mark. After an explosive teamfight, however, Josedeodo walked away with a well-earned quadra kill. From that point onward, TSM looked restless and uncoordinated as they were outpaced by FlyQuest for the rest of the match.

Unfortunately for the TSM faithful, Takeover’s debut in the LCS didn’t go too well. The 19-year-old rookie failed to provide much of an impact with three kills, five assists, and two deaths. FlyQuest, on the other hand, dropped 18 kills on the way to their sixth win of the spring. TSM may continue to tinker with its lineup as they try to avoid finishing in last place for the first time in the org’s history.