14 January 2017 - 13:42

Fantasy LCS is now Live

Fantasy LCS is now live and able to be played for the upcoming spring split.
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Fantasy LCS is now live and able to be played for the upcoming spring split, which starts on Jan. 19 for the EU LCS and on Jan. 20 for the NA LCS. Riot released some information on how the system will work this year, with so many new systems around the EU and NA LCS.

How does scoring work?

As with last split, the scoring system will remain the same with two options - First Two Games and Best Game.

  • "The first two games" scoring system is exactly what it sounds like: only the first two games played in each best-of-three match are worth fantasy points. This is the default option of scoring for Fantasy LCS Leagues.
  • "The best game" scoring system is just as straightforward: only the highest-scoring game for each pro in their best-of-three match is worth fantasy points.

The fantasy season will end at the conclusion of week nine in both the NA and EU LCS regular season, to be consistent across both leagues. 

Riot's official post about the Fantasy LCS can be found here

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