Faker, T1 claim LoL Worlds 2023 championship in shattering sweep against Weibo

Glory is theirs again.

The T1 League of Legends squad standing in a line on stage at the World Championship finals in Seoul.
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

A year after falling short to their compatriots in San Francisco, LCK second seed T1 has gone one better in front of their home fans winning the 2023 League of Legends World Championship in stunning fashion over LPL’s Weibo Gaming 3-0.

T1 has completed the LPL gauntlet, eliminating all four of China’s representatives in Bilibili Gaming, LNG Esports, JD Gaming, and finally Weibo to raise the organization’s fourth Summoner’s Cup in a brilliant run to the Gocheok Sky Dome. It’s T1’s first Worlds title since dropping the SK Telecom name in 2019.

T1’s win also means a fourth Cup for almighty midlaner Faker who continues to enhance his League and esports legacy, furthering his claim to the title of the greatest to play the game. “I am just happy I got to play in front of such a big audience,” he said following the victory. “It doesn’t matter who we play, I’m grateful I get the chance to play on the stage.”

In all, T1 dropped two games of League across the tournament in what was a flawless run to the championship title, capping it off with a victory in front of over 16,000 fans and over six million viewers online—an all-time esports record according to Esports Charts.

The Korean squad didn’t necessarily stick by the meta in the three games. Weibo opted for the Blue side in all three—statistically the far stronger side across the tournament—but T1 proved League isn’t played on the spreadsheets.

What was certain from the outset was T1 wouldn’t be holding back in their campaign for the title, pulling ahead of Weibo early in all three games due in part to finals MVP Zeus, who handily won in the top lane over TheShy.

The home crowd was treated to a signature Zeus Yone as he and Oner’s Lee Sin sliced and punched their way through the Chinese squad, taking the opener in 30 minutes. T1 wouldn’t let Weibo get that close again in the clean sweep, with Zeus and Oner once again the caveats behind a 14-1 kill score in game two.

Faker had been a little quiet in the opening two games but came to life in game three to put Weibo away once and for all thanks to an astonishing performance on Akali.

The legendary mid laner closed out the championship with six kills and nine assists as T1 cemented themselves in the history books once again. “We have had a lot of ups and downs, but I think this moment at Worlds repays everything,” MVP Zeus said after the match. “I thought I’d be crying but I’m not actually in tears!”

Support Keria added he and the team will definitely take a few days to celebrate but after that, they’d be right back on the grind. “Right now I feel like I’m dreaming. I just think about the process and what we were working toward. I’m just feeling nostalgic over the three years we spent together for this moment.”


Nicholas Taifalos
Aussie Editor for Dot Esports. Nick, better known as Taffy, began his esports career as a commentator, switching to journalism with a focus on Oceanic esports, particularly CS:GO and Dota. Email: [email protected]