Faker showcases the power of Nunu mid in League of Legends

"Let's bury 'em in snowballs."

Faker's top five played champs
Photo via Riot Games

The AP Nunu buffs in League of Legends Patch 10.13 are yielding some interesting results.

T1 mid laner Faker showed how broken the Boy and his Yeti can be during his Twitch broadcast today, rotating top for a kill before going back mid to one-vs-one his lane opponent.

After seeing the ally Volibear engage on the enemy Lulu in the top lane, the Unkillable Demon King rotated top for a free kill. Faker weaved his snowball through the jungle and knocked up the Lulu under her turret. Even though she used her Wild Growth (R) for bonus health, it wasn’t enough to stop Nunu and Volibear from claiming a kill.

But Faker wasn’t done yet.

The League veteran saw the enemy Twisted Fate pushing waves in the mid lane and cast his snowball again. The ability hit true and TF was doomed. Using Nunu’s Snowball Barrage to root his enemy, Faker stalled out Twisted Fate’s stun.

Faker then cast Absolute Zero (R), which did devastating damage, before finishing his opponent off with a flash and auto attack.

Nunu’s recent buffs gave higher ability power ratios to his Consume’s damage and healing, as well as the damage and shield on Absolute Zero. Even though the champion is typically seen in the jungle, the Boy and his Yeti has been getting some love in the middle lane recently.

Faker is now 7-5 with a 2.73 KDA while using Nunu over the last couple of days, according to op.gg.