Faker pulls off mechanically perfect Lee Sin solo kill in League solo queue game

Blink once and you've already lost against Faker.

Photo via Riot Games

Lee Sin has been popping up more and more in the mid lane across the global League of Legends professional scene. And frankly, there’s no mid laner better suited to adapt to new changes in the meta than Faker, who’s been embracing the champion with open arms in both solo queue and on the LCK stage. 

Faker’s 6.0 KDA with Lee Sin in professional games this summer is the highest mark among all qualified mid laners in the LCK, according to League stats site Games of Legends. And in a game of ranked League solo queue earlier today, Faker proved exactly why the champion is so deadly in his hands with a perfectly precise solo kill. 

In the clip, Faker took several careful steps before engaging the enemy team. After noticing that the enemy Diana player was taking their Raptors, Faker pushed up toward his opponent’s tower, threw a semi-blind Sonic Wave (Q) over the wall of the Raptor camp, and quickly followed up with a Resonating Strike (Q). The Diana player expected Faker to stand still, so they threw out a Crescent Strike (Q) to set up a nifty gank. 

But Faker’s quick reflexes proved to give him the upper hand. The veteran mid laner was able to strike first and defeat the Diana player with an effective solo kill. 

Another Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike combo featured a cast of Dragon’s Rage (R) in the middle of the combo for strong damage and a convenient knockback of the Diana player. With the enemy jungler far out of position from the rest of their team—who had come to back up their jungler—Faker was able to follow the retreating Diana player across the mid lane with the follow-up Resonating Strike (Q) before casting Safeguard (W) on a ward to completely escape the skirmish. 

Faker headed back to the mid lane completely unscathed and went back to farming minions to further establish a lead. But he eventually lost this particular game in just under 29 minutes. 

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