Faker pulls off incredible 1-vs-2 outplay using Leblanc clone

Better luck next time.

Photo via Riot Games

Junglers should think twice before attempting to gank the greatest League of Legends player in the world.

T1 mid laner Faker was able to pull off an incredible one-versus-two outplay during his Twitch broadcast today. The veteran managed to get a kill after being ganked and escaped with a sliver of health, using Leblanc’s tricky ways to deceive his opponents.

With the enemy Poppy attempting a cheeky level-two gank and Faker’s W cooldown on Leblanc down, things looked grim for the Unkillable Demon King. But instead of trying to flee, the top-tier mid laner went on the offensive.

Faker first used Leblanc’s passive, Mirror Image, to trick his enemies into thinking he was running towards tower. While both enemies focused the clone, the pro player then turned on Poppy and hit her with a Q, E, and Ignite to snag a quick kill.

The vet smartly held on to his W in order to get away from the Sylas, who flashed on top of him but couldn’t deliver the final blow.

Faker has been putting more time into streaming lately since the LCK is indefinitely suspended amid coronavirus concerns. To watch the pro claim more lives on the Rift, tune in to his Twitch channel.