Faker has no plans to retire after his 4th World Championship

The Unkillable Demon King continues his reign.

Ahri in her arcana skin next to faker League of Legends
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

The esports world is breathing a sigh of relief after Worlds 2023, with T1’s superstar midlaner Lee “Faker” Sanghyeok claiming he currently has no plans to retire.

Despite a career spanning 10 years and four Worlds titles now under his belt, alongside many LCK championship titles and other rewards, including the recent Gold Medal at the Asian Games, Faker is eyeing more success moving forward.

At the Worlds 2023 Finals Media Press Conference, as translated by Riot Staff, Faker announced the news himself after being asked by a journalist if he had plans to retire at all. Faker simply told those in attendance that as he was still contracted to T1, he would continue to work with the team.

In his closing statement, Faker said that he would continue to do his best and would think about retirement “at a later date,” but didn’t give a date. Still, the thought of retirement being on his mind at all should come as a surprise to many.

Many fans likely feel that if there was ever a time for the Unkillable Demon King to bounce out, it would be now, after securing an unprecedented fourth World Championship title in Korea. It has been a massively successful year not just for Faker, but for T1, and would appear to be perfect timing on the player’s part.

One must wonder exactly what Faker had his eyes on before that time, however. A golden run, perhaps? Winning both LCK titles, MSI, and an even more unprecedented fifth World Championship title?

Only the mid-lane god will know what he is thinking of next.


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