Faker: ‘If I were to meet the ex-G2 players at MSI, it will be a ripe opportunity for revenge’

The legendary mid laner seeks his revenge.

Photo via Riot Games

T1’s League of Legends division is looking unstoppable. Right now, the team sits atop of the standings for the 2022 LCK Spring Split at 14-0, matching the organization’s own record for consecutive wins from 2015.

Many people view T1 as the best team in Korea right now, as well as in the whole world. The squad is expected to claim the 2022 LCK Spring Split trophy and to represent the region in the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational, which is scheduled to take place in South Korea, according to Dot Esports’ Pablo Suarez.

After last week’s victory over Gen.G, T1’s mid laner, Faker, sat down with Korizon Esports’ Ashley Kang and discussed several topics, including MSI.

The last MSI or Worlds trophy hoisted by Faker came at MSI 2017. Since then, the 25-year-old has attended three such events, although he didn’t find much success. “Back in 2019, we lost a lot in the international tournaments,” Faker said. “Well, it was the same for 2020. I have taken experience out of these years. I do believe I have fixed a lot of issues I had back then. So I’ll be going into this year’s international tournaments with confidence.”

Some of those losses at international events came at the hands of G2 Esports. The European team beat SKT T1 in the semifinals of both MSI 2019 and Worlds 2019. The Korean player acknowledged this and would like to get his revenge in the upcoming MSI. “I lost against G2 many times in the international stage,” Faker said. “If I were to meet the ex-G2 players at MSI, it will be a ripe opportunity for revenge.”

But getting complete revenge at MSI 2022 against the five players who eliminated him twice in 2019 is impossible. Only two players from that year’s G2 squad, Jankos and Caps, are still playing under G2’s banner, while Wunder, Perkz, and Mikyx represent Fnatic, Team Vitality, and Excel Esports, respectively. But if Faker goes to this year’s MSI, there’s a chance he’ll face at least one of the aforementioned players since they’ll all be competing in the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs.

Faker is also keen on meeting another legend of the Western League scene, Bjergsen. “I am indeed curious how [Bjergsen’s] form is nowadays,” Faker said. “So I’d like to see him at MSI.”

To qualify for MSI 2022, Faker and T1 need to crown themselves as the winners of the 2022 LCK Spring Split. The mid laner believes they can finish the regular season without dropping a series. “If this momentum continues, I see us winning all 18 matches in the regular seasons,” Faker said.

T1 and Faker return to action this Friday, March 11 during week eight of the 2022 LCK Spring Split in a match against Kwangdong Freecs.