Ezreal player secures penta kill with ultimate from across the map in League of Legends

"Name's Ezreal. E-Z-... oh, you're dead."

Image via Riot Games

Picking up a penta kill in League of Legends is certainly a remarkable feat. But it’s even more astounding when you get it from across the map.

A League player posted a 200 IQ Ezreal play on Reddit today, showcasing the Prodigal Explorer’s elusivity and map-wide presence. The player impressively snagged a penta kill despite being under half-health for the entirety of the play.

With four enemies preparing to tower dive Ezreal and his support, things looked grim for the Piltovan. But using his slippery mechanics, and a little help from his teammates, the player was able to achieve the coveted penta kill.

After quickly taking out a diving Nocturne, Ezreal was left with only a sliver of health. The enemy got too greedy, however, tanking tower shots which helped the explorer’s cause. After quickly disposing of the opposing Vayne and Lulu, a full-health, double-buff Azir was the only threat. Some excellent peeling allowed Ez to finish off the desert bird for the quadra.

Only one more to go.

As the final enemy was taking on Ahri top, the Ezreal player launched Trueshot Barrage across the map. And when the ultimate hit its target, the words “penta kill” rang through Summoner’s Rift.

Though Ezreal is a popular champion in the AD carry position, he suffers from a mediocre 49-percent win rate this patch, according to Champion.gg. But some minor buffs to Ez’s mana and attack speed per level in Patch 10.3 should help his cause.