Ex-Rioter names former League shoutcaster Joe Miller as her alleged sexual assaulter

"You/we deserve better."

Image via Riot Games

Ex-Riot employee Criss Fowler came forward yesterday and accused a former EU League of Legends shoutcaster of sexual assault. While Fowler was initially “not brave enough” to name the alleged assaulter, today she identified him as Joe Miller.

Fowler claims that everyone who witnessed Miller’s alleged assault in 2014 corroborated the events and other women in esports have also reached out to express similar sentiments. The ex-Rioter included several screengrabs to accompany her accusation.

Screengrab via Twitter

“3 other women in esports/gaming have DM’d me to say he was inappropriate to them too and I feel responsible for them,” Fowler said.

Fowler went on to say that she learned her experience “wasn’t a one-time drunk thing” and is “pattern predatory behavior.”

The screengrabs seemingly show Miller asking if Fowler is “staying faithful” to her partner and questioning if her relationship “still count[s] on different continents.”

Another woman claims that she had “very similar encounters” with Miller around the same time.

Miller was a European shoutcaster for Riot in 2013 and 2014 and is now the head of talent at ESL. He has yet to address the allegations.

Fowler’s accusation is one of many that have swept the esports and gaming industry over the last week. Women have been coming forward and sharing their personal stories of sexual assault and harassment, leading to a #MeToo moment within the scene.