Evil Geniuses take down Liquid in the most entertaining match of the 2021 LCS Summer Split so far

It was a 50-minute barn burner.

Photo via Riot Games

If you watched today’s League of Legends match between Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid live, you might have felt the need to take a step back to breathe. This might have been the most exciting match of the 2021 LCS Summer Split so far.

It took them 50 minutes, but EG eventually came out on top through incredible perseverance throughout the early game and superior teamfighting in the mid and late stages of the game.

Liquid have been going through issues behind-the-scenes as of late, with the removal of their top lane superstar, Alphari, from the starting roster. The 21-year-old won’t be joining the main roster until June 27, so the team’s Academy top laner Jenkins has to step up for the squad in his absence. The team still has plenty of firepower and stars with Santorin, Jensen, Tactical, and CoreJJ looking to win their second match of the weekend.

Unfortunately for Liquid fans, they were treated to one of the most exciting and stressful matches of the season—but it didn’t seem like that in the beginning. Early on, EG struggled as Santorin found a handful of early kills on Svenskeren and Impact. His pathing allowed him to counter-act the plays his opponents tried to pull out pre-20 minutes. At the 20-minute mark, Liquid had a 4,000-gold lead before one of the biggest teamfights of the match.

One single well-played teamfight from EG threw the game into limbo, and they aced Liquid off the back of some incredible individual play from Jiizuke on Akali and the team’s new AD carry Danny. That fight gave them the money they needed to comeback, buy significant items, and find confidence in themselves for the remainder of the match.

In the final 10 minutes of the game, both Liquid and EG traded multiple teamfights. It was anyone’s game, and even though Liquid picked up Baron buff and Elder Dragon buff, they couldn’t close out EG. One final teamfight sealed the deal as Impact’s massive healing on Aatrox went untouched, Jiizuke assassinated the backline, and Danny pelted the whole team with Ezreal’s Mystic Shots.

This was undoubtedly the most entertaining and hectic match of the summer so far in North America, and it shows that no lead is safe in the LCS. Although Liquid lost, we saw some bright spots from Jenkins, who dealt a ton of damage on Gangplank. It wasn’t enough to capture the win over the superior firepower of EG’s team composition, however.

Tomorrow, Liquid will face off against a FlyQuest roster that just won against TSM. The green team of NA has shown they too can challenge the best in the region—this won’t be a walk in the park. Similarly, EG will be playing against 100 Thieves to round out the second week of the split. The Thieves have looked revitalized with Abbedagge coming into his own in the mid lane, so they’ll need to dig deep for a victory when Sunday’s festivities begin at 3pm CT.

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