EU LCS Week 3 Player Statistics

First of the LCS teams to have a 3+ win streak be broken, Fnatic's fairly one-dimensional, aggressive playstyle oftenmakes their games enjoyable to watch in a regionknown for their notoriously slow games. tl;dr is at the bottom.

First of the LCS teams to have a 3+ win streak be broken, Fnatic’s fairly one-dimensional, aggressive playstyle often makes their games enjoyable to watch in a region known for their notoriously slow games. 

tl;dr is at the bottom. 

Players are listed best to worst; top to bottom based on their statistical performance. 

The Main Points

  • It took Wickd his 3rd LCS week to average a Kill Participation of anything above 50% and ironically ends the week with the highest Kill Participation for EU Top laners. 
  • Fnatic’s Jungler ReignOver has a GPM higher than 90% of EU Top Laners. 
  • For 3 weeks straight, Svenskeren’s Kill Participation is higher than 90%. 
  • Pulling a GIANTS for this week Ryu who was statistically the best EU Mid Laner of Week 2 has fallen to statistically the worst EU Mid Laner of Week 3. 
  • For the first time in this split, SK Gaming’s FORG1VEN fails to average atleast 10 CS per minute. 
  • It took 5 games for FORG1VEN to receive a death, but because he only died once his total KDA is still inexplicably high.
  • The Kings of Consistency: Svenskeren, Febiven, FORG1VEN and Yell0wStaR has only ever occupied 1st or 2nd place spot in these rankings. Unfortunately, Gambit’s NiQ has only occupied the last or second to last spot.