14 June 2018 - 13:56

EU LCS pre-split power rankings

Can Fnatic keep its perch atop the EU LCS this summer?
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The EU LCS was quite the mess last split.

Nearly every team was in contention for the playoffs on the last day of the regular season. Consistency was a major struggle for nearly every team, from G2 and Vitality at the top to H2k and ROCCAT at the bottom.

But there was one team that rose above the fray: Fnatic. The boys in black and orange dominated nearly everyone. The one team they couldn't handle, Misfits, didn't make playoffs, giving them a clear shot at the EU LCS title. Now they'll get to defend their title when the EU LCS kicks off again on June 15.

Heading into the split, we polled our League writers to find out. Voters assigned points to each team from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). Once again, we'll start at the bottom.

Sticks in the mud

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Two teams made almost no progress last split. They'll need to come out firing to have any chance in the summer.

10) Giants Gaming (4 points)

Giants did start strong in the spring split, going 3-1 including a win over G2 in week two. But that would prove the highlight of the split as the crashed to a finish.

9) Unicorns of Love (9 points)

Last split, Unicorns started bad but then had a brief moment of unexpected brilliance in the middle of the split powered by feverish teamfighting. They then finished 0-4 in the last two weeks when they still could have made playoffs.

The rollercoaster teams

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These two teams had extreme highs and lows last split. What they need is a more even keel.

8) ROCCAT (15 points)

Like Giants, ROCCAT came out blazing last split behind flashy mechanics from support Tore "Norskeren" Eilertsen. But then people figured out to ban Norskeren's Braum and the team was swept out of the playoffs by Splyce.

7) H2k (15 points)

H2k finished last split with some wins, but they weren't pretty. The good news is that they know how to stall games out long enough for their opponents to throw. The bad news is that they have to because their lane phase is garbage.

What's real?

Photo via [Riot Games](https://www.flickr.com/photos/lolesports/40589333754/)

For most of these teams, our voters are projecting results that we didn't see in spring. Is that real hope or just a fantasy? We'll find out soon enough.

6) FC Schalke 04 (22 points)

Our voters have a lot of hope in Schalke to improve this split. This team has talent. But they really need to start closing games when they have a lead or it will all be a waste.

5) Vitality (22 points)

Vitality mid laner Daniele "Jiiizuke" di Mauro looked like an MVP candidate for the first half of last split. Some issues with objective control and macro play sunk them, but they've had a full offseason to work on those issues.

4) Misfits (30 points)

The team that looked so good at Worlds last year flamed out of the playoff race last split. We're taking a risk by putting them back up near the top.

The contenders

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These are the teams with real championship aspirations and the ones best set up to make Worlds.

3) Splyce (33 points)

Splyce really turned on the jets towards the end of the last split as coach Peter Dun got more and more out of his team. There's a reason they're tied with G2 in these rankings. But there's also a reason G2's ahead—because they beat Splyce 3-1 in the playoff semifinals.

2) G2 (33 points)

For a few weeks last split, we wondered if something was wrong with G2. They stabilized near the end, but the question is whether they can overcome Fnatic.

1) Fnatic (40 points, four first-place votes)

Fnatic are the kings of Europe again. But a second-straight title would solidify their reign and give them momentum heading into Worlds.

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