EU LCS – Fantasy Studs & Duds: Week 2 (Spring 2015)

EU Week 2 Studs Top Lane – SK fredy122 Projected: 29.5 Points: 44.46 KDA: 6/5/18 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0 Champs: Lissandra/Kennen With SK Gaming going 2-0 this week, steady fredy does it again.

EU Week 2 Studs

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Top Lane – SK fredy122
Projected: 29.5
Points: 44.46
KDA: 6/5/18
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Lissandra/Kennen

With SK Gaming going 2-0 this week, steady fredy does it again. But this time, he helps us all out in fantasy as he racked up over 40 points this week. His jungler has shown that he’s willing to camp for fredy to help him get ahead this split so he is a solid option for the future weeks as he will still stack up points even when he plays tanks.

Honorable mentions: FNC Huni (Proj: 23.0, Actual: 51.48 pts)

Jungle – FNC Reignover
Projected: 23.7
Points: 52.33
KDA: 11/12/21
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Rengar/Olaf

An honorable mention last but just as his top laner and team tally up big points this week, Reignover has shown that he has a diverse champion pool filled with options that can pressure throughout the entire game. He is a very talented jungler who has the potential to get better in the future and is definitely a starter in Week 3 as they face Unicorns of Love and Giants Gaming.

Honorable mentions: SK Svenskeren (Proj: 27.4, Actual: 54.45 pts), EL Shook (Proj: 33.6, Actual: 54.95 pts), Loulex (Proj: 27.7, Actual: 55.58 pts)

Mid Lane – EL Froggen
Projected: 44.4
Points: 66.67
KDA: 14/8/22
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Ahri (both games)

Elements not reliable when it comes to closing out games which is great for fantasy owners everywhere! As one of the main carries, you can count on Froggen most weeks to put up big points on the board as long as he’s not playing utility mid laners who he cannot pressure with.

AD – EL Rekkles
Projected: 41.4
Points: 71.52
KDA: 18/1/14
3K/4K/5K: 2/0/0
Champs: Graves (both games)

As the other carry of Elements, Rekkles was the other beneficiary of padded stats from the drawn out Game 2 this week against ROCCAT. As expected, Rekkles is back to what was expected of him from those who drafted him early in their leagues. Next week should be interesting as he faces SK’s immortal FORG1VENGRE but should still get plenty of points as he also faces a weak MYM team.

Honorable mentions: SK FORG1VENGRE (Proj: 41.7, Actual: 48.68 pts), H2K Hjarnan (Proj: 37.2, Actual: 54.93 pts), FNC Steelback (Proj: 39.6, Actual: 53.39 pts)

Support – FNC YellOwStaR
Projected: 30.6
Points: 56.12
KDA: 5/3/28
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Leona (both games)

As the meta is shifting back into hard engage supports, YellOwStaR is right in his comfort zone as he played Leona twice this week after getting Annie twice last week. As they face UOL and GIA next week, YellOwStaR should have another good outing as long as he gets his comfort picks.

Honorable mentions: EL Nyph (Proj: 35.3, Actual: 48.99 pts)

Team – SK Gaming
Projected: 30.3
Points: 39.00
First Blood: 1/2
Dragons: 8
Barons: 3
Turrets: 19
Win: 2/2
Fast Win: 0/2

The reason why SK won this spot over the other three teams (Fnatic, H2K, Elements) who went 2-0 this week and scored 39 points as well is because of SK’s pick and ban phase, their knowledge with regards to lane swapping properly to gain an advantage, their focus on objectives and their overall team play. Definitely not one of the sexy teams people love to cheer for but as a team, SK is currently regarded as the best team in Europe.

Honorable mentions: H2K Gaming (Proj: 24.1, Actual:  39.00 pts), Fnatic (Proj: 27.3, Actual: 39.00 pts), Elements (Proj: 31.8, Actual:  39.00 pts) 

EU Week 2 Duds

Giants Logo

Top Lane – GIA Werlyb
Projected: 28.7
Points: 1.00
KDA: 0/11/2
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Maokai/Cassiopeia

After a dominating Week 1, Werlyb has an equally appalling Week 2 as he continually fed on champions that were not Jax. As a possible one trick pony, Werlyb is a high risk, high reward player. However, as they face ROCCAT and Fnatic in Week 3, he is mostly just high risk as they are sure to ban out Jax.

Jungle – GIA Fr3deric
Projected: 28.6
Points: 3.89
KDA: 2/10/2
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Vi/Jarvan IV

An unimpressive outing in Week 2 by the Giants jungler after being ranked high this week is a disappointment to say the least. Just as the top-jungle duo crashed and burned, so did the rest of his team. He has potential for a pick up for some weeks in the future but next week is not one of those times.

Mid Lane – GMB NiQ
Projected: 29.2
Points: 7.06
KDA: 1/11/8
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: LeBlanc/Lulu

Even as the rest of his team is starting to pick up the slack, NiQ was just as useful this week as he was last (which was not useful at all). Even though Gambit faces a weak Copenhagen Wolves team and an H2K team that can be exploited through objectives, do not expect NiQ to have a breakthrough performance as the mid laners from both teams will punish NiQ for his passive play style.

AD – GIA Adryh
Projected: 34.2
Points: 5.79
KDA: 2/8/1
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Jinx/Ezreal

Ranked in the lower echelon of the AD rankings, Adryh was unable to do much this week. Don’t expect him to bounce back next week as his schedule gets harder.

Support – GIA Rydle
Projected: 24.7
Points: 3.80
KDA: 1/6/3
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Annie/Lulu

Even while trying different styles of play for each composition, Rydle was unable to make an impact this week as his team went 0-2. Let him stay in free agency for now because it won’t get easier next week.

Team – Giants Gaming
Projected: 24.4
Points: 1.00
First Blood: 0/2
Dragons: 0
Barons: 0
Turrets: 1
Win: 0/2
Fast Win: 0/2

Ranked high this week based on last week’s excellent performance but not much to say this week as four players from the team made this list as they tallied up a whopping 1 point over two games. Stay away in Week 3 as they face a hungry ROCCAT team and a Fnatic team that wants to stay undefeated.