EStar on 3-game losing streak after dominant start to 2020 LPL Spring Split

The rookies seem unable to deal with previous losses.

Image via Riot Games

Rookie LPL squad eStar are on a three-game losing streak after a convincing loss to JD Gaming today.

EStar joined China’s LPL this season and went on a rampage, defeating all teams to take hold of first place for most of the split. They dominated former world champions, FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming, but the past two weeks have been rough for them.

After a loss to kk0ma’s Vici Gaming, the rookie League of Legends squad lost their next two matches to Royal Never Give Up and JD today. Their mistakes are being exploited by these teams who have been studying the leader to understand what it takes to be at the top.

The first game was close for the first 10 minutes. But once JD’s jungler on Kindred started snowballing, eStar spiraled into a desperate position without a reliable answer. Kindred secured objectives and got a lot of marks for their passive, making them extremely obnoxious to deal with. The Eternal Hunters carried the game and a ban was expected by eStar in the second match.

Even though eStar didn’t ban Kindred in the second game, JD refused to pick the champ and replicate their success. Instead, they went with a jungle Sylas pick, which worked out even better compared to the first game. His ability to steal Ornn’s ultimate from eStar was extremely powerful and decided many teamfights, which led to another loss for the rookie squad.

At one point in the season, most League pundits were praising the ex-Royal Never Give up rookies for their immaculate gameplay and ability to dethrone the previous LPL and world champions. But as of recent weeks, their gameplay and decision-making have suffered drastically. This should serve as a wake-up call for the team. They’ll need to analyze their losses and fix their mistakes before the playoffs start. Otherwise, they’ll get knocked out in the first round by any team that analyzes their recent losses.

With this loss, eStar are close to losing their spot in second place to FPX, who have been playing exceptionally well with a form on par to their Worlds run.

EStar will have a chance to rebound after these losses and get back on track during their next match against Team WE, a middle of the pack team. Tune in to the official LPL broadcast to see the teams battle on Saturday, April 11 at 4am CT.