Esports is heading to the silver screen in Poland

Esports is coming to a multiplex near you

Esports is coming to a multiplex near you. At least, if you live in Poland.

Polish cinema company Mutikino will broadcast the final day of the upcoming League Championship Series Super Week in three select locations next week. Esports fans in Katowice, Warsaw, and Wroclaw will be able to watch the best teams in League of Legends finish their regular season on the big screen.

The events take place on Thursday, July 31. Five League matches will be broadcast, including Polish team ROCCAT in a battle against defending LCS champions Fnatic. Cinemagoers will also have the chance to meet famous YouTube personalities like “skkf,” who has more than 900,000 subscribers on the video hosting site.

With an 11-13 record on the season, ROCCAT is currently one win away from clinching a playoff spot in the LCS. For Polish fans’ sakes, they might want to clinch in the three games before Thursday. An on-form Fnatic is a tough opponent.

Poland may seem like an unlikely esports hotbed, but its at the forefront of the esports revolution. A country of 38.4 million people, esports seems to have captured the collective minds of the locals over the past few years. The Intel Extreme Masters Katowice tournament in March was trafficked by more than 70,000 people.

Poland also has a long history of producing top tier teams and players, like League team ROCCAT. The “golden five” lineup lead by Filip “NEO” Kubski is one of the most dominant teams in Counter-Strike history, and continues to have success with an altered lineup in the modern Global Offensive era. Poland placed fourth in this weekend’s Nation Wars II StarCraft 2 tournament. Protoss player Grzegorz “MaNa” Komincz is the third highest earning non-Korean StarCraft professional in history, and Zerg Artur “Nerchio” Bloch ranks fifth.

Photo via NaNiwaSC2/Twitter