Epic Lee Sin kick helps ally Viktor get a pentakill in League of Legends

A four-person knock up turned the tides of a teamfight.

Image via Riot Games

It only takes one heads-up play to turn a dire situation into a winning one.

A League of Legends player posted an insane Lee Sin play on Reddit today, which helped their teammate secure a pentakill.

With three teammates down and five enemies drawing near, things looked grim. But the player was able to execute a flawless Sonic Wave (Q), Flash, Dragon’s Rage (R), Resonating Strike (Q) combo on the opposing Tristana. This led to a four-person knock-up that allowed the ally Viktor to flash over the wall and begin his domination.

The entire enemy squad was caught in Viktor’s Chaos Storm (R), which quickly ate through their health and contributed to a spectacular pentakill.

Lee Sin is widely considered one of the more difficult League champions to master due to his high skill cap. But players around the world favor the Blind Monk because of his playmaking potential and mobility. The jungler boasts the highest play rate in the current patch at 17 percent, but falls below a 50 percent win rate, according to Champion.gg.